What a nightmare (or a dream) but some how Charlie Brown, Linus, and the Peanuts gang wind up in Tommy Wiseau’s classic, The Room!

Charlie Brown The Room Wiseau Humor Satire Parody

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Linus Charlie Brown The Room Humor Satire Parody

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Welcome to Vietnam, Charlie Brown! Now you’re a Full Metal Blockhead!

Full Metal Blockhead Charlie Brown Humor Satire Drawing

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It’s Manos: The Hands of Fate, Charlie Brown!

Manos Hands Fate Charlie Brown Parody Satire Movie

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“Leave Justin Bieber Alone!” shout the Zombies. “He’s just a misunderstood multi-millionaire fella.”

Zombies Agree Leave Bieber Alone

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Watch out, it’s A Clockwork Orange, Charlie Brown!

Clockwork Orange Charlie Brown smaller

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Only the great Charlie Brown can untangle the intertwined conspiracies of the JFK assassination.

It's JFK, Charlie Brown!

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Alien Xenomorph Monster Humor Horror Illustration

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