Corleone Caricature Godfather Illustration Humor

Michael Corleone


Tattoos Humor Illustration Cartoon Sketch

Richard Nixon John Kennedy TV Debate 1960 Illustration

Darth Vader Luke Skywalker Illustration Humor Caricature Star Wars

Billy Beer 1970s Illustration

Billy Beer! Whooo-Hooo!

The Man With The Hair Trump Moliskine

Donald Trump It's All About The Hair Moleskine Sketch

Devil's Rain 1970s Movie Shatner Borgnine Horror Moleskine

The Devil's Rain

Seagal Badass Native America meets Buddist Badass Moleskine Sketch

Seagal - Buddist Badass

Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten Steve Jones Anarchy Punk UK Moleskine

Anarchy, baby!!!

Pen and Pencil sketches in my Moleskine notebook. Click the thumbs for larger image.

Who doesn’t love ghosts and ghost hunting? I quickly sketched this whilst watching SyFy’s Ghost Hunters.

Jay Grant Ghost Hunters TAPS Moleskine Sketch Pencil

Click for larger image