Yeah, we all agree that the Three-Dimensional Chess on Star Trek: The Original Series is awesome, but how about some love for Three-Dimensional Checkers!

Star Trek 3D Three-Dimensional Checkers


Hipster Evil Spock drawing Star Trek goatee

Kirk vs Gorn 1

The classic matchup: Kirk Vs. Gorn

Kirk Vs Gorn 2

Torn shirt. Ready to rumble.

kirk vs gorn 3


kirk vs gorn vs cylon

By your command.

Kirk Gorn Cylon

This is not a promising situation...

kirk vs gorn vs cylon 10

Oh crap!

Gorn and Kirk

Sonofabitch! That hurts!

Who the hell is that?

Let my captain go, you bitches!

Welcome…watch as two rival Star Trek fans make peace and admire the Trek images hanging upon the gallery wall.

Star Trek Fans at art Gallery. Pen, Pencil, and Color by Computer.

Star Trek Fans at the Art Gallery. Pencil, Pen, and Computer Color